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How Start Drug Addiction Treatment Successfully?

Treating drug addiction is not an easy thing to do at all, but it is far away from the mission impossible and something you could not achieve with the right help. One thing you must have in mind all the time: you are not alone in the fight as you will meet other people who also the same problem and together you will manage to take the problem under control. However, it is crucial to follow some of the basics steps in the process of recovery.

Admit the problem of addiction

The first thing that you must do if you want to start your treatment is to admit yourself, as well as your friends and everyone who wants to help you, that you have an addiction problem. The substance dependence is a severe illness, and it could likely end up with death so you should take your problem seriously and be cooperative. You should respect, love and appreciate the help you get from everyone out there who care for you and in return, you need to be determined to keep your persistence and patience at the high level. The fight will not be easy at all so prepare yourself for temptations.

Finding the right treatment for the addiction

Each drug addiction is different since each of the addiction cases has its stage. Some people do not require going to the detoxification program due to their shorter period of addiction while hardcore drug users must undergo detox program before starting a rehab process. One-size-fits-all does not exist but each type of treatment posses everything for a patient so he can achieve recovery successfully. With careful monitoring, even hardcore addicts can reach a vital point for their recovery and start working on their resocializing process.

Working closely with therapists

Drug TherapyThe reports have shown that therapists improve chances for a complete recovery of 50%. Therapists understand the problem of addiction, the profile of addict and match the right therapy for an addict.

Psychodynamic therapy is one of commonest therapies in the treatment process since an addict explores his emotions to identify the cause of substance abuse. This way the addict learns to control his drug cravings as he understands the problem. This therapy is also combined with MET or Motivational Enhancement Therapy where patients learn to change negative thoughts from their addiction into a positive.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps patients to unmask their problematic feelings, is often used in combination with DBT or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, where the addict learns to improve his self-esteem and remove “triggers” from his life. Experiential therapy is becoming more and more available in the recovery centers as the key point is learning to overcome repressed feelings that can trigger drug cravings.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit Drugs?

People start using drugs to make their lives easier or to say – cope with problems much easier. Some people use drugs for recreational purposes for more than ten years continually and never get hooked on. But that percent of people is really small and they, as well as people who never used any drug, cannot realize how and why it’s hard to quit drugs.

Ruined chemical balance, tolerance, and withdrawal

Think of our brain as a vast communication center which receives and sends messages to process what we see, feel, hear, etc. Drugs use our neurotransmitters (messages) and can increase or decrease the production of these transmitters. They can even affect the time of activity or existence for our transmitters or “land” on natural receptors and artificially activate neurotransmitters. It means the drug starts affecting your chemical balance.

More dopamine than your body creates

DrugDrugs often produce more dopamine than natural dopamine activities like sex or eating your favorite meal. Therefore, it is much harder to resist the drug intake since it gives you more pleasure than anything else. Consequently, your brain does not even think about the drug; it thinks about the pleasure that drugs produce. The more dopamine drugs release, the harder is for your brain to keep up with the production of it. It eventually leads to depression and addiction later since nothing can produce enough dopamine so you could feel happy.

When your body is used to the drug, you start developing a tolerance. You need to take more and more to get to the same level of happiness. From the very first moment when you do not intake enough amount of drug, you start feeling weak. You are experiencing a withdrawal which can be very painful and uncomfortable, both physically and psychologically.

It is hard to get rid of “the habit”

Process of withdrawal is tough when you decide to seek help after a long-term addiction. Your brain and your body are already accustomed to the drug, and you developed a so called habit. Only strong will, determination and support from your friends can help you to leave your habit behind.