Fight against any addiction requires a lot of energy and will to endure the battle and finish it as a winner. However, the fight cannot start without professional help from an addiction treatment center such as The Recovery Village Colorado. Bob is one of those people who suffered from drug addiction and who decided to fight it back. His will to receive help could also be a help for other drug addicts.

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​My name is Bob, and I am a recovering heroin drug addict. I have been addicted to heroin and cocaine for ten years, and I finally admitted the need for help. At first, I thought I could handle it by myself - doing some H or coke just during the weekend didn't look that bad. But it soon turned out that the demons were too strong to fight, and I had lost my mind before I was realized that the things went in completely wrong direction.
After ten years of fight, I decided it was enough - I wanted help. My family and friends gave me full support to fight the addiction, so I am proud to say that I have good friends. Two months have passed, and I am clean so far! Support me, read my stories and help other people who fight an addiction.

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